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Welcome to the Fellows Resource page. The NCS Residents and Fellows Section has several exciting ongoing projects and welcomes your participation. If you are interested in helping out with the activities of the section – contact ncs.rftf@gmail.com, or rmiller@neurocriticalcare.org.

Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon!
Anand Venkatraman, MD, Chair
Alexis Steinberg, MD, Co-Chair


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Neurocritical Care Fellowship Training- FAQ


Mentorship Program

The Residents and Fellows Section is setting up the second edition of its wildly popular mentorship program. The first edition, conducted in 2017, put established neurointensivists in touch with trainees in medical school, residency, and fellowship. The second edition will expand the pool into pharmacy, nursing, NPs and PA streams as well. Each mentor-mentee pair will come up with a project to work on for the year, and the section leadership will stay in touch with each pair on a monthly basis to follow up on progress. We hope to have an award for best mentor-mentee project at the 2019 NCS Annual Meeting. This year we will have about 20 pairs of mentors and mentees. Every year we will collect feedback from the pairs and publish results online.

Get involved! If you want to be a mentor, or a mentee, for the 2019 edition, let us know by sending us your CV and a brief bio. Contact person: Ribal Bassil. Send an email ATTN: Ribal to ncs.rftf@gmail.com

Pocket Guide to Neurocritical Care

The first edition of the Pocketguide to Neurocritical care was published in 2017 by the Residents and Fellows Section in conjunction with the NCS Educational Products Committee. It was a short guide to important topics in NCC targeted at residents, medical students, nurses, NPs, PAs and pharmacists. A new edition is planned every few years, and this section works closely with the EPC in selecting authors and putting the book together. We plan to have one or two trainee authors for each chapter, supervised by a senior established author. In the time that is left until the second edition is to come out, we plan to convert the first edition into a digital version, which can be downloaded into users’ phones or tablets.

Get involved! If you wish to give feedback, or want to know if you can get involved in writing a chapter for the next edition, or want to help in translation or conversion to a digital version, your contact person is Winnie Lau. Send an email ATTN: Winnie to ncs.rftf@gmail.com


The Resident Fellow Secion has been involved in outreach to other members of the medical community since its inception. From a group of primarily neurology-trained fellows and residents, we have expanded our membership to include people from nursing, NP and pharmacy backgrounds. We also have members from pediatrics and internal medicine backgrounds among our membership. We plan to reach out to other societies and professional bodies to recruit new trainee members from different areas. We also hope to expand our membership internationally.

Get involved! If you or someone you know wishes to join the NCS Resident Fellow Section Leadership or take part in our events, the contact person is Marlina Lovett. Send an email ATTN: Marlina to ncs.rftf@gmail.com

NCS and AAN Meetings

This section works very closely with the organizing committees of the NCS annual meeting and the AAN annual meeting. We hold several events at each of these meetings, such as the Mentorship Mingle (to put mentors and mentees in touch with each other), Navigating your Career (to give guidance to trainees on how to put together a career in neurocritical care), breakfast meetings (small group sessions) and a happy hour. At AAN, one major thrust of our efforts is to popularize the NCS and the field of Neurocritical care among attendees, and encourage more people to enter the field. We also work with WINCC to organize the leadership training programs at NCS, which were very well received in 2017.

Get involved! Meet us at the NCS Annual Meeting 2018! Contact person – Pouya Ameli, Alexis Steinberg, Anand Venkatraman, Winnie Lau. Send an email ATTN: Pouya to ncs.rftf@gmail.com. Meet us at the AAN meeting! Contact person – Kassi Kronefeld. Send an email ATTN: Kassi to ncs.rftf@gmail.com

Trainee Section of Neurocritical Care Journal

If you are aspiring to create an academic career for yourself, we have a special Trainees’ section in the Neurocritical Care journal. Trainees from all fields can contribute articles about their experiences in the field, typically related to the care of a complicated patient.

Article Submission Type: A Day in the Life of a Neurocritical Care Trainee

  • Focus on clinical decision making in challenging cases which requires complex decision making (unusual diseases or atypical presentations of common diseases)
  • Authors: Two authors, one must be a trainee. Describe each author's role int he manuscript
  • No abstract
  • Suggested subheadings: Introduction, Case, Management, Discussion and Key points
  • References: maximum of 10
  • Length: maximum of 1500 words (does not include figures, tables and references)
View more instructions for authors here.